Thursday, May 26, 2016

Long Weekly Planning

We have had a good week this week!  We had time to give service to one of our part member families and that was great!  We had a lesson with them and learned of the investigators husband's concerns!  We have been implementing the planning system that we got from the church, to better focus in on our investigators!  I had a exchange here in Sun Valley with our District leader, Elder Latham and I learned a lot in that time!  We have had a super long weekly planning session this week, it was about 8 hours long, because we are focusing in on our investigators even more!  We had an awesome Zone Conference where we learned more about the planning and how to effectively use the Book of Mormon! We have really been focusing on it with our investigators!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Two Week update- New Area! and Organizing

Monday, May 9- New Area!

This week was super cool!  It was fun/sad saying goodbye to everyone in Stead, but I know they are in good hands!  We had a fun day after transfers with Elder Bido.  It was a little different, because Elder Pusey and I didn't have much time to talk and get to know each other.  We have had that time now and we are working great together! I think we still need to work on how much each of us is saying during lessons, but we are working on it!  Being in a new area again, after my first transfer, has been kind of uncomfortable.  I don't know the area or the people yet and that is kind of hard to deal with. Something President Johnson said on Saturday about the split really struck me. He said that the Lord isn't so concerned with our comfort but our growth and the growth of others.  It has been great to reflect on that- that although I am not comfortable here, I will grow and I will work hard to learn the area and get to know the area!  I am so excited for what the next weeks have in store!

Monday, May 16- Organizing

We had a good week this week.  We have been working with one of the recent converts here a lot this week, to help her get in a habit of reading and that has been great.  We have had a lot of opportunities to give service to different less active members and others and it has been a great experience to participate in that!  
We had a fireside on Sunday where recent converts go and give their testimonies. We had no one going on Sunday, but we decided to ask everyone last minute and they said yes!  We got to the fireside and only those who we had asked were still able to speak.  Huge miracle!
One thing that stuck out about this week was the length of weekly planning.  We have been working hard to organize our records and the area so we can be more effective.  As we have been working at it, I have been able to know the area more and know who people are and that has been so great!  Elder Pusey and I are working on teaching in unity, to not let either of us dominate the teaching, but to work together!  We are doing great!

Here are a few pictures from the New Area- Sun Valley, NV

 The Rameumptom in Nevada... You can read a simple version of the story here.

Door to the new apartment and a delicious home cooked meal!

 First pair of shoes worn out- 7 months in...

When Mom asks for pictures of 'his face' 

More random pets from Nevada- 

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Weekly service at the Catholic Food Pantry... see picture below

   Well I am getting transferred to Sun Valley, the second biggest trailer park in the world!  This week has been full of obedience, and because of that, miracles.  We have seen a lot of success in finding new investigators daily as we talk to people and show real interest in their lives.  When we have real love for the people, we see miracles and find people who are really interested!  I am so excited for the growth this area is seeing!  It has been interesting this week, being pretty sure I was going to be transferred.  I had to make sure I was always giving my all to the work and to the people.  It is easier to give your all to everyone, knowing you will leave when you have love for the people, when you want them to progress no matter if you are there or not.  It was kind of sad saying good bye to the Reno Zone, there are so many great missionaries here, but I am so excited to go to Sun Valley and serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength! 
Elder Jarnagin and the other LDS missionaries help sort and distribute food at the Catholic Food Panty each week.

Here's a sampling of a few signs encountered while out and about-