Monday, January 25, 2016

Random Lessons

   This week has been so great!  We have had a lot of times where our lessons fall through and our back ups would be there and let us in!  It was so great to be able to share the message of the Restoration with them!  The missionary broadcast was so great and I learned a lot!  One of my favorite things that I was reminded of was that our purpose is to baptize and to call to repentance.  I really liked the statistics that we were shown that the baptismal rate is much higher when the investigators are found through the members of our wards! 
   This Thursday was so great!  It was my first exchange in MY area and it was so different!  I learned a lot and had to rely on the Spirit so much to overcome the fact that my companion didn't speak Spanish.  It was difficult, but I learned so much in that one day!  We had our first drop (which means they will no longer spend time teaching that person/family)  of my mission this week.  We dropped our investigators Juanita and Victor, because they won't get married or separate in order to come to church.  That really was a good experience, because we knew this was best for them and we did it out of love for them.  Another family, the R.'s who for a while haven't been as interested as before, called us back and the mom, M., said she wanted to get baptized!  The entire family came to church and was welcomed so lovingly by the branch!  That was so great to see!  It goes to show that hard work and obedience eventually pays off!
   (No pictures this week, which makes a missionary mom sad.  I'll be praying to see his face next week!)
Here's a great video about why Mormons send out missionaries, like Elder Jarnagin, out into the world-

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sadness from Investigators

   This week has been pretty great, but it has been one of the hardest as well.  Not much to report.  I am improving in talking and teaching more in lessons and Elder Franco has been letting me take charge of more lessons, which is hard, but it's good to help me grow.  We had many more member present lessons this week and we could really feel the difference.  
   This week was really hard because Cesar Chavez, who was rapidly progressing, told us he does not believe in the law of tithing.  We have tried so many times to talk to him, but he never wants to.  This has really been my first real experience with the sadness missionaries feel because of their investigators not following commitments and not progressing.  This has been a great experience to learn and to grow and I learned more fully that we always need to rely on the Lord.  Elder Franco and I had the opportunity to fast for Cesar and nothing has happened yet, but I know something will down the road, in the Lord's time! 

   On a side note from Mom, I received this picture from a member in the area this week-

Apparently Elder Jarnagin's basketball skills have really leveled up!  (He was actually helping her set up for a youth activity, where they set up a platform in front of the stage.  He jumped from there...;)

Monday, January 11, 2016


  This week has been so great!   We have been having a lot of lessons with the Family Chavez and he has been very accepting and is steadily progressing for his baptismal date on the 30th!   We had a lot of success with talking to people in the most random places. We were getting gas on Wednesday and a Mexican woman pulled up and we began to tell her about the restoration when she broke down into tears!  She said she needed this message and she would call us later on. We had exchanges on Thursday and I got to use my bike down in Truckee River, a biking area in the middle of Reno.  I was with our District Leader's companion, Elder Gamble.  He is more reserved than other elders, but he has a great gospel knowledge and genuinely cares about people.  It is always so different serving in English, but I learned a lot from Elder Gamble! 

The Mission Tour with Elder Robbins was so great and it really gave me more confidence to be diligent in street contacts!  Saturday was something special, it was just a regular day, but I felt so happy all day and it was just because I tried to smile more.  It was so great to see the impact a more positive effort has on our attitudes about missionary work!


   We had a lot of great things happen this week and a lot of sad things.  We had few people drop us and that was kind of hard to take.  A couple of our solid investigators said they aren't really interested and that was super sad to hear.  We did have a lot of good things happen to us though!  We had a lot more member support this week, we had one lesson where we were driving to it when Elder Franco told me to call a member that usually can't come out with us, but he was willing and able to come with us right then!  We had a part member couple come to church this week, the Chavez's.  The husband is an investigator and the wife is less active.  We have been working to get them to come to church since I arrived and it was such a blessing to have them there yesterday!  I know if we keep working diligently we will see miracles out here!
 This is 'Nevada Chloe'-

Compared to our dog in New Hampshire, the real Chloe-