Monday, January 25, 2016

Random Lessons

   This week has been so great!  We have had a lot of times where our lessons fall through and our back ups would be there and let us in!  It was so great to be able to share the message of the Restoration with them!  The missionary broadcast was so great and I learned a lot!  One of my favorite things that I was reminded of was that our purpose is to baptize and to call to repentance.  I really liked the statistics that we were shown that the baptismal rate is much higher when the investigators are found through the members of our wards! 
   This Thursday was so great!  It was my first exchange in MY area and it was so different!  I learned a lot and had to rely on the Spirit so much to overcome the fact that my companion didn't speak Spanish.  It was difficult, but I learned so much in that one day!  We had our first drop (which means they will no longer spend time teaching that person/family)  of my mission this week.  We dropped our investigators Juanita and Victor, because they won't get married or separate in order to come to church.  That really was a good experience, because we knew this was best for them and we did it out of love for them.  Another family, the R.'s who for a while haven't been as interested as before, called us back and the mom, M., said she wanted to get baptized!  The entire family came to church and was welcomed so lovingly by the branch!  That was so great to see!  It goes to show that hard work and obedience eventually pays off!
   (No pictures this week, which makes a missionary mom sad.  I'll be praying to see his face next week!)
Here's a great video about why Mormons send out missionaries, like Elder Jarnagin, out into the world-

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