Monday, March 28, 2016

Re-vamped Area

   This week has been super interesting!   Last Monday at lunch we were getting ready to leave and some anti Mormons came and sat down. It actually was a great experience because they would try to confound us with questions and we were able to answer them plainly and simply. It was amazing to see that "We would not be confounded before men."

   It was super great to get Elder Bido this week, he is a super good example to me, he teaches well and we get along super great. He doesn't know English all too well, so it has been a great experience to be able to learn and speak Spanish more with him and help him with his English!  We have had a slow week, lesson wise, but we have been setting lessons with many people and making sure we are talking to everyone!  We have seen a lot of success working with less actives, trying to resolve their problems and help them use the Atonement in their lives!  We have found that we have a lot of people that we have been meeting with for a year or so that have never progressed, we are trying to find people that truly are prepared and ready to make changes in their lives! 

   (These snow pictures are from today- Monday, March 28, 2016)

Trio Life

This week has been pretty interesting!  It was super sad to see Elder Romney leave on Tuesday, but it has been a blast being in a trio!  I have actually been in a trio with Elder Baker and Shearer who were some of my leaders down in Reno, but now they are my neighbors.  We have seen a lot of miracles all week!  It has been kind of tough getting used to living and teaching with three, but it has been super fun!  I think this week has really helped me to learn how to switch off while teaching.  This weekly planning was especially effective.  Going through the Area book, I realized that we have a lot of investigators that we have been teaching for a long time that have never progressed.  We will be doing a lot of pruning of this part of the vineyard this week to find those people who are prepared for the Gospel!  I am getting a new companion on Tuesday named Elder Bido from the Dominican Republic!  I am so excited to work with Elder Bido, to work hard, to be exactly obedient, and to see a ton of miracles!

Little Triste (Sad)

   This week has been sort of tough.  We have been working with Miguel and Suyapa toward their baptismal date, they have been progressing well, but on Friday they told us they weren't ready.  They also didn't show up to church which was super disappointing.  We have seen a lot of progress in our other investigators though!  Manuel, has been progressing greatly.  We have been teaching him for a long time and we could never share much because he could only meet at 4-4:15.  We found times when he was available and we had the opportunity to share the message of the restoration with him, which was so powerful.  

  We went to the doctor for Elder Romney's knee and it turns out he has to go home to get surgery on his ACL.  I'm super sad to have to see Elder Romney leave, but I know this will be the best for him.  This week has been a great chance to forget about my needs and focus on his!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spanish Growth

   This week has been pretty good!   We had family night with the Razo family on Monday which was super great! We challenged them to have family prayer and scripture study and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that they already praying as a family daily!  That was so cool to see that they are progressing on their own!  Tuesday we had a random opportunity to give some service!  It was great to see how happy the people were to receive help!  Thursday was our exchange day, Elder Peterson was with me in our area.  We didn't have much success lesson wise, but it was great to learn and be with Elder Peterson!  We helped out Miguel and Suyapa with some service Saturday and that was great! 
   One thing I have been noticing recently is my Spanish.  In lessons and speaking I still think I struggle, but in my language study when I am reading or listening to someone I can understand as clearly as English and that has been such a blessing.  It is amazing to see the hand of the Lord in our lives when we put in 100% of our effort!

 I think I learned a lot about faith this week. We talk a lot about faith to find and I have seen that in action this week. We go on splits with our zone leaders every Sunday, so I go with one Zone leader and Elder Romney goes with another.  They are in a Spanish area too and whenever we walk around their area there are Spanish speakers everywhere.  It seems almost impossible that there are that many Spanish speakers in one area!  For part of the splits this Sunday the Zone Leaders went to an appointment and Elder Romney and I went street contacting and it seemed like all the Spanish people evaporated.  I realized that I needed to have faith and expect to find people, wherever we are!  When we expect miracles and give it our all, we will see miracles everywhere!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Slow week (short email)

   This week was slow, missionary work wise.  We had very few lessons, mostly because we were in meetings most of the week.  We had Zone Conference this Wednesday and that was super cool.  We learned a lot from the recent missionary broadcast, Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts.  We had the opportunity to prepare a talk for Zone Conference and I noticed as I prepared that all that we do really is bring people closer to repentance and baptism. 

We set our investigators, Miguel and Suyapa, with a baptismal date of March 20th and we will be working closely with them to prepare them for baptism.  

Missionaries at Zone Conference.  Can you spot Elder Jarnagin in this photo?

A classic 'Elder J' face!

Mom is thankful for the mission blog- where I found these pictures from Zone Conference.