Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spanish Growth

   This week has been pretty good!   We had family night with the Razo family on Monday which was super great! We challenged them to have family prayer and scripture study and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that they already praying as a family daily!  That was so cool to see that they are progressing on their own!  Tuesday we had a random opportunity to give some service!  It was great to see how happy the people were to receive help!  Thursday was our exchange day, Elder Peterson was with me in our area.  We didn't have much success lesson wise, but it was great to learn and be with Elder Peterson!  We helped out Miguel and Suyapa with some service Saturday and that was great! 
   One thing I have been noticing recently is my Spanish.  In lessons and speaking I still think I struggle, but in my language study when I am reading or listening to someone I can understand as clearly as English and that has been such a blessing.  It is amazing to see the hand of the Lord in our lives when we put in 100% of our effort!

 I think I learned a lot about faith this week. We talk a lot about faith to find and I have seen that in action this week. We go on splits with our zone leaders every Sunday, so I go with one Zone leader and Elder Romney goes with another.  They are in a Spanish area too and whenever we walk around their area there are Spanish speakers everywhere.  It seems almost impossible that there are that many Spanish speakers in one area!  For part of the splits this Sunday the Zone Leaders went to an appointment and Elder Romney and I went street contacting and it seemed like all the Spanish people evaporated.  I realized that I needed to have faith and expect to find people, wherever we are!  When we expect miracles and give it our all, we will see miracles everywhere!

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