Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Senator Dinner

At Zone Conference- Elder Franco and all his mission 'sons'!
   We have had a great week! We have been focusing a lot on making our spiritual thoughts after dinner more effective.  This week we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we saw good results from it!  On Monday, we did one and the members were reminded of two people they hadn't seen in a while, it was great to see!   On Tuesday, we had a great lesson with Jim Button.  A couple of weeks back Brother Rowley, our Ward Mission Leader had the impression that we should bring Brother Rogers with us.  We haven't had the opportunity to bring him, but he was available Tuesday night.  It was great to see that Brother Rowley's impression brought about a great lesson!  Brother Rogers and Jim Button got along great!  On Wednesday, after Zone Conference we went out to Smith Valley and we were able to bring a member to stop in at the Funks,  We invited them to a dinner with our ward missionaries!  The most exciting part of the week was definitely Sunday.  We had planned a couple weeks back to go with the Rempp family out to Smith Valley to visit everyone, but then they had cancelled.  Then, before Sacrament meeting Sister Rempp came up to us and asks us if we were ready to go to Smith with them.  We hurried and asked the Hellers if they could come to dinner as well and they said yes!   We were able to take the Rempps to some new part member and less active families that we had found and introduce them. The Rempps got along with all the families and it was great to see Ward outreach!  We finished yesterday with dinner and a lesson with the Hellers, Rempps and Funks.  It was a super good lesson!  We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ using parts of 1 Nephi 3.  They were very open and honest and receptive!  We committed them to baptismal dates! We are super excited to work with them towards the 10th of December!

With Bro. Heller and the Funks
   In response to a question from Dad, Elder Jarnagin said this about his growth-  We had a great zone conference this week and it made me realize that I have so much to do and so far to go.  It also helped me make sure and do an inventory of myself to make sure not even a fraction of my efforts out here were lost and went to anything but serving the Lord.  I think that has helped me a lot.   I think that I have grown in character these two transfers and for that I am grateful.  The Lord keeps throwing trials my way, always new, always something I can handle, always something to make me grow.  No one said the mission was easy and I didn't sign up for some walk in the park.

The Greenhouse Thrift Shop where we give weekly service.

Crossing a 'river' to get to an appointment

Nevada Super Moon

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