Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 1 (Woah so fast, yet so slow)

    Alright, I´ll start from the airport.  This keyboard is a bit clunky, so bear with me.  I walked through the Manchester airport contemplating life, enjoying my bagel, and thinking how different life will be from here.  I got onto the plane and sat next to two southern ladies who had heard of missionaries, but they had only seen disobedient ones.  So that was interesting!  I tried to explain how the mission should work.  I was invited to sit in the row in front by the crew, but thinking I would convert these two ladies I stayed where I was.  They both slept the entire time, so their conversion will come later.  The flight was ok. I got to Atlanta and took the plane train to my next planes gate. There I met Elder Allan, who is now in my district and is my district leader.  The flight to Mexico was "fun".  No leg room and plenty of paper work to fill out to get into the country.  They gave me paper work and lunch at the same time, with no room for either, so I am now very good at juggling paperwork and food.  We got into the Mexico City Airport with no problems, it just took forever because of lines.  There I met Elder Rodriguez who is now Elder Allan´s companion.  We took a long bus ride to the CCM (Centro de Capacitation Misinal or the Missionary Training Center).  Mexico City is quite run down, but the CCM is mucho pretty.  Then we ate and got supplies and met our companions.  My companion is Elder Davey who, in his own words, is loco.  We work pretty well together and he is very spiritual.  He has a powerful testimony, which is a good thing to have on a mission.  We went to our casa and met our roommates, Elder Casey and McLaughlin.  Elder McLaughlin has the coolest first name, since we have the same first name!  The bunks are a bit hard, but they are places to sleep so that´s good.  Next day was mucho orientation as was the next day, those days took forever to pass, but they were informative.  Day two, we taught our first investigator. That's right, day two, full Spanish!  It was scary (lagrimas).  It was good though, we had the Spirit with us and the Spirit really filled the room when Elder Davey said the First Vision in Spanish.  We found out that he (the investigator) is a member of the church and will eventually be our teacher (but he doesn't know that we know).  Conference was great, there were so many talks that spoke to me personally and as a missionary.  We taught our investigator, David, again Monday and we will again today.  The days are so slow, but looking back the week went by so fast.  I have heard this is how missions are.  I look forward to serving the Lord and our brothers and sisters in Reno.  I am loving to prepare for that!  I will see you all in 103 Weeks!

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