Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 4 (A week of humbling)

   This week has brought new trials, ones that are not so much external, as internal.  This week has been a wonderful opportunity in my life to be humbled, quite a lot and in many ways.  The first was in my Spanish. I have always been decently sure of my Spanish skill- I knew there were many words that I didn't know, but other than that I thought I was coming along well.  This thought of mine was punctured during a district prayer, before bed.  I had been asked to say the prayer and someone told me to try to not say it like a gringo.  I had no idea what they were talking about, but they pointed out that my Spanish accent is super thick and sometimes hard to understand.  I was so self conscious during the prayer that because of the fear, it was hard to speak.  Afterwards they laughed at me because of my pronunciation.  This week I have prayed and prayed to understand how to improve and be more clear in my speech. Classes have been difficult because they will usually laugh if I say anything out of the ordinary. Looking back I am so grateful for this.  Because of the ridicule I received, I felt weak and pathetic.  Because of those feelings, I had to turn to our Father in Heaven.  Because I had to turn to Heavenly Father and had sincere desire, I was blessed.  Through turning to the Lord with a humbled heart, he was able to bless me.  Just yesterday someone commented that although I still sound like an ultra gringo, my accent is improving.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to be broken, humbled, and to learn from my Father in Heaven and others and grow.    The other way I was humbled was in my work load. The schedule of our days here is pretty rigorous and it will only get worse once we get to the field.  Our teachers and leaders have repeatedly pointed to the example of the Savior and how he dealt with his hardships.  For one, his load was the heaviest out of all of us.  Second, when he was tired or sad, he didn't cry or bemoan his situation, he turned outward and helped others, not needing or expecting gratitude.  I have tried to remember this when I think I am to tired from sitting down and learning all day, that compared to the Savior my life is a walk in a park.  
Elder Jarnagin fell asleep after dinner and before class.  Photo snapped by Elder Cruz.
Long days of growing and changing.  Artistic shot by Elder Jarnagin.

   Besides these wonderful learning experiences, the week has been easy and wonderful.  The district that was older than us just left so we are now the oldest in our zone.  We had a wonderful talk by a member of the Seventy last night about how obedience keeps us safe.  We had TRC on Saturday with one of the members of the district older than us.  We spoke through the Spirit and it was something he needed to hear and he teared up and that was cool.  I love to help others through telling them what they need to hear through the power of the Holy Ghost!  This month has gone by in the blink of an eye and soon i will be in Reno!
Before the severe storms swept through Texas this week, they crossed Mexico.  Elder Jarnagin reports his suit got soaked through, even using his umbrella.
Reflection of palm trees in an after rain puddle.
Another artistic shot from Elder Jarnagin- 'There is always sunshine after the rain'.


  1. It sounds tough ; but I didn't display such maturity in attitude at that age as you are doing .
    Heavenly Father trains those He calls

  2. Wow! I think I probably would have told them where to get off but, and came home at that point. I'm glad he is so mature and able to see that these trials are but just a moment in the entire scheme. Thanks for sharing! Love him so much! Love Trav, Codi & kids