Monday, November 23, 2015

Everyone in Nevada owns a Chihuahua

So almost every household in Nevada has a Chihuahua.  They will bark at us, bite us, stare at us, and always shiver at us.  This week was pretty full of them and full of the work.  This week we committed 5 people to baptism and we are working with them to achieve that.  That has been such a blessing.  We had Zone Conference with the mission president and we learned about how important it is to use the Book of Mormon with investigators.  You can find out more about the Book of Mormon here.  This week was rather normal, if that is a thing in the mission.  Many lessons, many people hiding and not answering, many miracles.  We did tracting in a lot of trailer parks, we got thrown out of one and almost got attacked in another.  The thing attacking us was a chihuahua that we lovingly named Fluffy. Fluffy makes every dog in the area bark/try to bite us and that is always fun.  
Clearly this dog owner loves it enough to put it in a hoodie!
Elder Jarnagin says this is a Demon Chihuahua....
The view from Elder Jarnagin's apartment window.
Elder Jarnagin and his first mission 'apartment' selfie.  Clearly, he needs a little selfie training ;)
A view of the kitchen in his apartment
I think I forgot to tell the conclusion of the toe saga last week.  It hurt a ton while traveling and my first day.  I had gotten a blessing of healing for it and the blessing said nothing about healing, but about working hard.  My first day in the field I worked as hard as possible and I was pretty sad that it hadn't healed.  I woke up in the morning and the toe had re-gown the nail overnight.  Such a huge miracle that I feel bad that I forgot to share!  
   I am loving serving out here and will be sure to share many experiences next week!

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