Friday, December 4, 2015

Burnt Potatoes Smell Like Cigarettes

So until about two days ago it had been a regular week of awesome times serving the Lord.  Elder Franco and I forgot that p day is today (Wednesday) and not Monday this week.  Monday we had a mission tour where Elder Snow, of the seventy, and the church historian came and talked about faith and working with members and that was great.  We got back into our apartment at around 9:30pm and it smelled burnt.  Apparently a pot of burning potatoes smells like cigarettes and our apartment reeked of it.  It got into our clothes and people have been asking if we have been smoking which has been super awkward.  I have been opening up to people on the street more and more and that has been awesome to feel the fear of random strangers gradually melt away.  I got my first haircut in the field today.  A miracle we saw this week was Elder Franco wanted to give a referral to the english speaking missionaries and soon after he expressed this desire, we found an english speaker interested in hearing the Gospel!  The weirdest thing was when street contacting, we asked if a man would be interested and he said, "Thanks, but I'm a Wiccan", Which is like a witch sort of thing and he pulled out a bunch of herbs around his neck.  I am thankful for the opportunity to talk with everyone we find!

A side note from Mom-
With Christmas quickly approaching, I know Elder Jarnagin and his companion, Elder Franco, would love to hear from you.  An email, a quick letter or even your family Christmas card, to let them know they are loved and supported in the good work they are doing.  Their direct address is- 7350 Silver Lake Rd, Apt 7G, Reno NV 89506.

And a few pictures I found at the mission website-
 Reno and Reno North Zone Conference-

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