Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Robberies and growth

This was the first thing we saw/heard from Elder Jarnagin this week- it was a sad way to start!
   This week was rather interesting.  We had a slow week, until the Christmas party on Saturday for the branch where we had our investigator, Manuel, show up, which was so awesome!  We got back to our apartment that night and some of our neighbors informed us that I had been robbed.  Apparently, there was a package on the doorstep and during the time we were gone to the Christmas party three boys came, opened it, and took everything inside.  The neighbors filed a police report and since then it has been an interesting growing experience.  Earlier in the week I felt myself just going through the motions, so I prayed for a trial to grow more.  Heavenly Father answered my prayer.  I recognized that and through that I am trying to use this experience to grow to be more Christ-like.  It is hard to have charity for those that do things, like steal my stuff, after my family put time and effort into finding the gifts, but I have found that through humble prayer and asking the Lord to support me, it is possible.  I also found that just getting out there and working hard was the easiest way to bring back that joy to my heart.  It was so cool to experience that! 
Out working hard with Elder Franco.
Dinner with familia Vivas

Dinner with familia Perez
   Another blessing/miracle we saw was one of our dropped investigators called us, because he wanted to talk with us!  We asked how he was doing and re-committed him to a baptism on January 2nd.  What a miracle!  We are going to try our hardest to help him fulfill this goal! 

  Today as we were leaving to go shopping, I felt impressed to look up the hill where the kids had run off with my gifts and I found one they dropped!  What a miracle!  This week sure has been interesting but I am so grateful for this opportunity to come closer to my Savior!

The found gift...
We sent him a fleece blanket with pictures from this past year printed on it.

Their shoes after finding the stolen gift on the hill.

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  1. Elder Jarnigan---you are going forth with the spirit of Christ in your heart -- desiring to be more humble, turning your lemons (stolen things) into lemonade (looking for grwoth opportunities)! Way to go! And if there was just one gift to be found, how neat that it was the one with lots of memories, etc. contained in/on it!! Merry Christmas to you adn all the Jarnigans!! Lance and Naomi Smith (GramGrampsGazette)