Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Conference and Miracles

This week has been so great!  We have seen so many miracles and had the opportunity to watch conference!  (What is General Conference?)  Monday we had a fantastic lesson with the Razo family where we watched The Restoration and then asked them why the message is important.  We then tried to commit the rest of the family to baptism, but they were not ready.  We found out that none of them have really read the Book of Mormon, so we need to help them do that to help them receive an answer.  On Tuesday, we had a great day with set appointments with some potentials.  One of the miracles this week was that so many of our set appointments didn't fall through and we got many new investigators. 
Conference was so great, it seemed like there was an overarching theme that God loves us and he always will love us, no matter what.  I think looking back, one of my regrets is not listening to conference like I should have.  It is such a refresher in my life, I could sit there listening for days.  I really liked one of the talks from priesthood session that talked about always preparing for a temple marriage, no matter how old we are.  I think that is very true that out here in the mission we have a responsibility not only to bring others to Christ, but also to bring ourselves to him!

When I am constantly asking for pictures of 'his face', this is what I end up with!!
I asked why the picture of someone's toilet?  He responded that the picture was of the pamphlet on top of the toilet.  They left it with this family the week before and it had become 'reading material'.  A good sign!

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