Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Don't Judge Others

This week has been pretty great!  We have had some good lessons and seen a lot of progression in some of our investigators.  We have seen some drops.  Miguel and Suyapa, our investigators that have had a baptismal date, dropped us, saying they are fine where they are.  I think something I learned this week was to never judge people. We saw a lot of times where we would talk with everyone, even those who don't seem too interested, but then turned out to be interested.
A spiritual experience this week was stake conference.  Elder Echo Hawk of the seventy came to create a new stake, so now we are in the new Mt. Rose stake.  It was so cool because all of the people were talking about how every part of the process is approved by the prophet and is inspired.  A funny experience was we asked a lady if she knew some Spanish people around, then we asked if we could share a scripture and she basically ran away screaming. 

This photo was texted to us Friday night, from some kind soul in Nevada!  It said, "Here with the best missionaries in the world.  Thank you for sending them on their missions.  We are just so blessed."  Those are words sweet to a parents ears!
Exchanges on Friday were great!  It is always fun to be in an English area.  We saw a lot of miracles.  One of those was when we decided to say a prayer to find someone who needed a message.  We prayed and the first person we talked to said she needed a message!  It has been a great week of progression!

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