Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More Planning!

This week has been cool!  We had the opportunity last Monday to talk to one of the recent converts here about family history.  We were not planning on it, but we followed the promptings of the Spirit when we read in the Book of Mormon!  We have had a few appointments fall through, but that is OK I guess.  We have been biking and talking with everyone and that has been fun!  I am not riding on my broken bike. Miraculously, this little chaparrarito bike was here when I got here, so I have been riding that around.  

We had a really cool lesson with Veronica this week!  We brought one of the members of the group and they were able to connect really well!  Veronica had a lot of questions that the member had the perfect answer to.  It was awesome to be a part of that lesson!  Another cool experience this week was with a less active family that has problems with a lot of people in the group.  We didn't really know how to help them, what to say or anything, but with one inspired question they opened up and we were able to understand their situation more!  

When Mom and Dad are always checking in to see if he is making healthy choices...
My Exchange with the Zone Leaders was great as well!  It was great to go to their area and see how they work! Both Elder Pusey and I learned a lot about planning and it has been amazing to see that as we follow the Spirit and the council of the brethren we can have an effective planning session in a shorter time than before!  Elder Pusey and I are getting along great!  We have talked more about our interests and I have seen that we know where we are coming from, so we have more unity!

The King of all mailboxes!

This Pocket dictionary is very 'pocket' sized ;)

The gift of dinner, left at the car wash.
Hardly a Harley...

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