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Mar 20-26

Monday, Mar 20-
After a day full of taking care of our cars (washing, vacuuming, waxing), our Zone got together and we had a talent show. There were some cool ones. I didn’t pick earlier, so they had me do wheelbarrow…. We then did some sports and then came back down here for dinner with the Hansens. They were nice and they remembered Elder Choi and Short and really liked them. I hope to leave a legacy of members fondly remembering when I was here, it helps me try my best to be a good example to everyone.
Wednesday, Mar 22-
So today has been Zone Conference, and it has been super good! I got to see Elder Gurr and that was super good! He seems to be doing really well with managing his stress! The trainings were good, talking about dealing with stress, being baptism minded and how to best extend the baptismal invitation. I really learned a lot! At the end of every Zone Conference, we have a testimony, where the Elders and Sisters that are going home and have finished their missions share their final testimonies. This one was pretty tough. The two elders were Elder Jackman and Elder Leon and I have known them and seen them throughout the mission. It is weird to see them leave. It really is great to see how they have changed for the better. We then went to visit more people that we didn’t know and it led us to a dirt road that we only survived because of the clearance on our jeep. It was real pretty and it actually saved us a bunch of miles! We then came home and did language study! Today was awesome!

Following the GPS off the beaten path!!

Friday, Mar 24-
On the drive over to Tahoe
So today has been pretty interesting. We woke up to a text from RJ saying call him immediately. We texted him and he got back to us like two hours later. Before that we went on a “morale boosting” trip to the other Elders apartment to make breakfast with them to make sure they don’t die and stuff. That was pretty good, they were in high spirits when we left. We got ready and then RJ called back and told us about one Michael who was less active and wanted to meet with us immediately. We called and set up an appointment for 10, in like an hour from then. We then planned and I wrote more of my talk and then we went to see Michael. We got to know him and his story, he has had a ruff past and wants to change his ways. We set up appointments every day we are in town at 6 so that was good and will be good. We then went up to Tahoe and grabbed some lunch and then we went to a lesson with John and Alexis. It was really good, we answered some of John’s concerns about the Book of Mormon and then we taught the Plan of Salvation. It was good and they still seem to be very open and we used a ton of scripture and it was way cool. Then we went to Darrians for dinner and a lesson. We taught pray often and read daily and used a lot of scriptures for that and it was really good. The whole focus of the lesson was to get Darrian and Adam reading and praying together and they are already doing that so that was pretty cool.

Saturday, Mar 25
So today has been interesting. We went to morning program and then we came back. I showered and then went down to eat and Elder Jones did the opposite. I came upstairs to find him laying on the ground in the bathroom with his dirty clothes over his head. The migraines struck again. One thing I love about Elder Jones is that he is determined. He got up from the bathroom floor and went to his bed but was determined to plan. I tacked my blanket to the window so that it was dark enough for him. We then planned out the day. After that, I got to do like an hour and a half of personal study and that was real great. I got to finalize my talk for tomorrow and prepare part of District Meeting. Then I did some cleaning and whatnot and by then it was 12 so we had lunch. Then Elder Jones slept more and then he was feeling good enough to go to service and that was good. We helped out a guy named James get rid of a bunch of stuff and it was way chill moving everything. Then we came back and Elder Jones was still feeling awful so he rested and I read. We then went to a lesson with Michael again and we read the rest of the intro and shared some spiritual thoughts.

Sunday, Mar 26
At church today, we had sacrament and that was good. And then came the talks. Elder Jones went first and I went second and I did pretty good at not freaking out until Elder Jones was done. Then I freaked out. But I gave my talk and peeps said it was pretty good so that was cool.

We found, and turned in, a Samsung phone.

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