Thursday, June 8, 2017

A long overdue update

First off, Elder Jarnagin is doing great!  He continues to work hard, love his companions, and love the people he is serving.  The lack of communication is not from him, rather it is from his blog updater... me, his mom!  In an effort to catch you up, I'll give small snippets and pictures since the last post- 

From early April-  Serving with Elder Jones in Gardnerville NV and South Lake Tahoe CA.
Zone Hike on P-day

Classy Photo in South Lake Tahoe

Another classy Tahoe picture

April 5-  The Lord has been guiding me to learn and apply charity into my life, my last district training was about it, there were tons of conference talks about it, now it is something Elder Jones and I are working on. I fasted for charity and the Lord blessed me with times where I was stretched, and it was hard to have charity, but with His help I got through that. That is helping me grow to be more like my Savior already.

A family, which Elder Jones and Jarnagin named "the Stewarts" moved in... It took a few weeks to get the unwanted visitors moved out.

Life in Tahoe

 Elder Jones and Jarnagin and a doge...

 In their back yard-

 April 17- As District Leader, I am learning to have charity for more people, and for more situations!

  April 24- I was taught this week that when I need to do something, if I have faith I will be able to do it. I learned that in the interview I translated for President. Yasmina, the lady was from Nicaragua and she was hard to understand and hard to translate to english, but with the Spirit it was possible!

From his journal April 27- We checked the traps and I was upset because it looked like Stewart had just moved a trap and that was it. And he had. With his body. Inside the trap. So he died (now known to be a she), she died in the trex trap and she had the teeth marks all over her body. All for a piece of Crave cereal. Then Elder Jones threw the body outside and a hawk caught it as it was falling. It is already lonely here. I wish the best to Stewart and I hope she is happily reunited with her little mousy family. I hope at the last day I can go up to her and 1, be able to communicate, 2, say, “sorry I killed you. I just really didn’t appreciate the poop on the countertops.”

More service at the Food Pantry-

May 8- I love long suffering. It is something I learned a lot about in Yerington. It helps us have patience and tolerate things we don't like so it's a pretty cool gift of the Spirit! The work is picking up! 

May 15- Elder Jones is going to Sparks and I am staying here with another Elder Abbott. This one speaks Spanish.
            I'm sad that she doesn't want to repent, repentance is like the best! 
May 29- So this week was pretty great (See journal for details) Everything with Elder Abbott is going great! #blessedwithsuperchillcomps. Things are going a lot better in the District. Today we don't have the miles to go to Carson so we are chilling here, playing card games together. Being a District Leader is teaching me how to powerfully teach in all sorts of situations, group and one on one, and how to expand my feelings of charity towards more people. It's pretty awesome to learn and grow like this! . We got rear ended and it was 0% our fault. Yes our car does need a few dents fixed and we had to get the bike rack replaced. I love you both! Have a wowie week!

June 5- This week has been full of growth! One miracle I saw on exchanges was we were contacting a man who we had an address but not an apartment number. We prayed and got out and a lady came over and talked to us. She ended up being a referral for another set of missionaries. She showed us to a door that wasn't it but as we stood there a man came up behind us and we asked for the guy we were looking for. The man knew exactly who it was and brought us to the correct home! Super Milagro! 

We received Elder Jarnagin's official release date in the mail this week....

He's coming home....



But he doesn't want to talk about it!

If you do write to him, please be sure to not mention it and to encourage him to finish strong!

Thanks for all your love and support!

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  1. Good to read these updates! Thanks Tynel! So glad Elder Jarnagin is loving his mission -- he will finish strong and come home weary from his good works! Love his stories of growth and perspective! Hope you all are doing great! Naomi