Sunday, August 6, 2017

Transferred to Ely

Mon Jun 19 2017
Today has been rushed. We emailed, shopped and ran to Darrian’s wedding. It was pretty funtastic!

Tue Jun 20 2017
Today was good. We went with the Zone Leaders to the baptismal interview for Darrian. She Passed and will be getting baptized July 1st @ 2! 
Wed Jun 21 2017
Today was good. I started the day with service with Elder Anderson because Elder Landrin was down for the count and that was fun. I changed and we went to their house for lunch.
We talked to RJ and Olivia…… I am old….. Olivia has been back from her mission for like 3 months now… I asked her when she left… September 2015… Thoughts in my head: “oh, ok, she left like a month before me so it’s not that bad.” Me to her: “What day?” “September 30th” “.......wat…….” Yeah, that super happened.

Sun Jun 25 2017
Today was good. (BTW, We got calls from President. Elder Abbott is training again and I am leaving and am not District Leader yet in my new area.) So it was my last day in church. Today I felt some strong revelation in Sacrament for some things I should do to better prepare myself for the future and that was awesome!

So now we got transfer calls. I am going to Ely 1st Ward, Biking. It will be a big change, it is all English as far as I know, maybe some hidden Spanish people? But yeah, it will be interesting. Ely is a little mining town the size of Yerington with it’s own Stake. It seems out of my comfort zone and that means I will keep growing!

Obedience is the key to blessings. It is how we show our love for our Father and for our Savior. I think that we have inspired leaders and I know that we will be led right when we follow them. I think when we have a prompting to something contrary to what a leader says, really ponder your course of action. As always, we have loyalty to our leaders but our most important loyalty is to the Lord and he will never lead us astray

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