Monday, August 7, 2017

Final Transfer

Tuesday, August 1-District Meeting was good! It was Sister Parra’s birthday today and Hermana Martinez’s last District Meeting before she dies, so we had a birthday party for lunch and then we had a funeral. Pretty fun! The Kelly's have been doing great with not smoking! Brother Kelly is getting baptized Saturday if all goes well! We have been teaching Peter on and off and we are doing a church tour with him next Tuesday!

Friday, August 4-We talked to a lot of people, and not only that, Art in the Park was getting set up so we were able to talk to quite a few of the people there! We went to dinner with Brother Carson who made Posole and that was delicious! First day in the field memories! We then went to the Kelly’s house for a lesson, we watched some videos and went over the baptismal interview questions with him! He passed in my book, he answered the questions like an active member! That was a miracle! We then tried some more people and came in! Great day!

Saturday, August 5-Today has been awesome! It was Arts in the Park which was fantastic! We were there all morning and we stayed there until lunch, just talking and getting to know people from all over! Fun stuff! There was also a lot of members who were selling stuff and they gave us free stuff! Double fun stuff! We then ate lunch at Evah’s. Triple fun stuff! Then we studied and then we went back to Arts in the Park to talk to more people and talk with our new friends! Quadruple fun stuff! Then Elder Norton and Elder Turner picked us up for a dinner with their members! Quintuple fun stuff! Then we contacted potentials! 6x fun stuff! Now we are home! Super fun stuff great day!

Transfer Calls: I am staying here (shocking) and Elder Yost is going to Fernley 1st and Silver Springs!
My old District! I am getting Elder Roundy! I served around him in Carson, he was the other set of Spanish missionaries there! This will be a great last transfer!

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  1. What a great thing to be able to visit and share your smile, your enthusiasm and your testimony with so many people! You never know what seeds you are planting...and then when baptisms come along, you DO get to see those seeds blossom! Sounds like your area will be all the better because you have been there!! Keep up the good work!

    Brother Lance and Sister Naomi Smith