Friday, February 19, 2016

Good Goals

Elder Jarnagin and Elder Romney at the Reno Temple.
   We had a slower week but we saw a lot of good happen!   We are working with the Razo family to get them ready for their baptism on Saturday!  It is kind of stressful, but it has been great to work with them to bring them to this important part of their lives!  We are working with Miguel and Maria, a couple from Honduras who got married this week!  They want to do whatever is needed to get them to their baptism!  

   I learned a lot about good goal setting this week.  Earlier on in this week we had lower goals, easily attainable goals.  Mid-way through the week we started to set higher goals, harder to attain, but still possible, goals that pushed us.  With harder goals we started to see more miracles and more lessons pop up, what a great lesson! 

I'm assuming this is Elder Romney having a Valentine's Day photo shoot with his true love-
the Book of Mormon.


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