Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Comp!

   This week has been challenging, but it really has been a good week of growth.  This week was my first without having someone who knows the area better than me, but it has been great.  We picked Elder Romney up on Tuesday and immediately got to work in some of our further areas.

We walked around in some of our trailer parks and found a lady selling tamales and had a good gospel conversation with her. 
   This week has been interesting, trying to adapt to a new companion. Elder Franco and Elder Romney are very different, but I have already learned so much from Elder Romney!  His Spanish is super good and he has been helping me with mine!  Elder Romney has been out a couple of days more than me, but he knows both languages perfectly so he wasn't in the MTC as long as I was, so he has more in field experience.  He got transferred from Elko English speaking. He is from Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico, so he is by blood a fourth Mexican.  We get along pretty well, he is super funny.  It's been tough being the one planning, being the only one who knows the area, but it has really helped me find my way around!  We haven't had as many lessons this week, but every lesson we did have we could see that it helped our investigators.

 Spiritual experience: Confidence is everything.  We have to rely on the Lord, so we have to have confidence in him.  When we have fear, it is a big problem.  I had trouble fearing speaking Spanish this week for some reason and because of that I couldn't speak well.  I can only really communicate with obedience, love for people, hard work and no fear.  It is like the parable of the talents.  The man who received one talent, in a sense feared.  He feared putting his one talent out there and because of that, in the end, he lost it.  The same is for us, if we have a talent and we fear using it, what is the point?  God will take it from us and we will have not a speck of the talent left.  If we have gifts we must use them, with the spirit, without fear, so that others may be blessed.   You can watch a Bible video of the Parable of the Talents Elder Jarnagin is referring to here  or read it here.

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