Monday, July 25, 2016

Open your Mouth!

This photo was from last week- sent exclusively to Elder Jarnagin's siblings.  I got access and am sharing it with you!
This week sure has been a change from other weeks!  It has been fun to be back in sun valley!  We haven't been able to do much Spanish work, English work has been so busy!  The work definitely has been different.  Elder Goudin and Elder Woolsey did a lot of service for people that aren't interested in a message.  I had to learn more humility and feel more love for these people that really only seemed to want free yard work.  Other than that it has been a great week!  I think one thing that is so cool about these wards is dinner thoughts.  When we have a spiritual thought after dinner, we can ask a question and the members give a solid answer or their testimony relating to that.  We had a great time talking with everyone and using different methods to spark their interest.  We saw that when we used a different method, we had more success! 
One thing that I saw different this week was my own reaction to people yelling rude things at us.  Before it used to freak me out or make me mad.  Now I feel sorry for those people.  
One thing I learned about this week was how true it is that the Spirit will open our mouths.  We had a lesson about service with a less active member.  During it I felt prompted to talk about Nephi as an example of service.  I got a little worried, because I wasn't sure what I should say, usually I think of Nephi as an example of obedience, not service.  I decided the Spirit knows best, so I just started talking.  As I spoke I realized that Nephi served his brothers in being an example and trying to help them choose right.  I love that when we trust in the Spirit we can say what our investigators need to hear and we can learn from what we say!  I am getting transferred back to my area with Elder Choi again on Tuesday!

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