Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Handwriting- Aug 8, 2016

This week I learned that in every situation, when you are sad or down, the remedy is the work.  I have had a couple of days where I just felt sad, but I went out still and gave it my best and the Lord helped me change my attitude. Whenever we have a task to do the Lord qualifies us for it, if we are willing.  I really learned how much our efforts and following the Spirit help us teach to the needs of our investigators!  We had a lesson where we thought the less-active's problem was a lack of testimony, but the Spirit led the conversation to where we found out her real problem of being sad and bitter about not being able to get sealed.  We had two awesome church tours with our investigator with a date and some investigators that we committed them to baptism during the tour.  Both times you could tell they felt the spirit and that it was working on them.  One super cool thing that came out of it was one member that we brought bore her testimony about missionary work yesterday!  That was so cool to hear!  One thing that I have been noticing is how important it is to commit investigators to baptism as soon as possible.  With that, we have a goal and they have a goal of where all the discussions are going.  We have been able to use that this week to see who truly is interested in change and who is not.  
We had an awesome miracle this week!  We have been praying for referrals since last transfer, and this week they came in like rain! We received 9 and were able to contact five!  Almost all of them showed high levels of interest and a return appointment!  It has been such a blessing to find those who want to hear the message!  
I also noticed how cleanliness affects our attitudes as well.  I have always had really bad handwriting and it is almost illegible to everyone (including myself).  While making a progress record I realized how useless it would be unless it was neat.  I made a goal to write in capital letters so that what I write is readable by all.  It has been amazing that, 1- my writing is finally legible and 2- how it has affected my attitude.  I am not sure why it does, but I feel happier being neater!  Elder Choi and I have gotten along well! We are working better and better in teaching in unity! 

Some strange Nevada sightings-

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