Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Food Poisoning

When 19 year old boys make their own birthday cake... We sent him the cake mix, frosting and candles.
This week has been a bit slow, but still great!  We had an awesome lesson with some of our investigators, Maria and Eric!  We planned to teach the plan of salvation, but it started out just answering their questions from church. They said it made sense what they learned, about the Word of Wisdom, Baptisms for the dead, Seventies, they accepted all of it!  I was kind of worried that we wouldn't teach anything new, because it had happened before, but with the Spirit, their questions tied in to the plan of salvation and we were able to teach all of it and commit them both to a baptismal date! 

I had a great exchange with Elder Gourdin in his area!  It was fun to be back in Highland and Sun Valley wards, now that I knew the areas a bit!  

Other than that, Elder Choi and I had bonding time while being sick with food poisoning.  It was a testimony builder in a way, that I understood more why we need trials.  With the thought of being sick in mind, when I was healed I felt more grateful and happy just to feel normal!  Other than that we had a cool experience Sunday, where we just had a natural conversation with a potential investigator, where it started to rain.  He invited us inside and opened up to us where we were able to share the Book of Mormon with him!  Elder Choi and I are doing good, I think we are used to each others way of teaching so now the flow is starting to get really good!

Photos from the Missionary Sports Activity-

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  1. Soooo nice to be able to follow his mission like this! Prayers going UP!!!