Thursday, September 8, 2016

Eight! and I got Transferred! (Again!)

Sorry everyone for the delay... two weeks of posts here-

Eight!  (Monday, August 29th)
   This week has been miraculous!!  We had 8 investigators show up to church and 1 returning less active came for the first time!  We had a great lesson on Monday with one of our newer investigators, Maria, about the plan of salvation. At the end, we committed her to read the Book of Mormon and she said that of course she was going to read it because she had already felt peace while she read it!  On Tuesday, we had a great lesson where we got dropped.  Getting dropped is always kind of sad, but this man, Hector, said that he was ok in his religion but he would read the Book of Mormon with his wife!  Even when people don't accept the message it is good to know we touched someones life. 
I think this zone conference on Friday was awesome!  After zone conference we felt super pumped to teach the restoration simply and smoothly and we have seen miracles from that.  We have been able to work in unity more and follow the spirit better!  Our two investigators with a baptismal date, Maria and Eric, are progressing a lot!  We had a lesson with them about baptism and they are understanding why it is important more and more!      

We also had a temple tour with Daniel our recent convert!  We had set up another member to give us a ride, but it fell through so we ended up going with him!  It was really fun, we were able to get to know him better and to feel the beautiful spirit of the temple!  On Sunday everyone came to church and came for all three hours!  Our members did a better job of getting to know them!  This week was awesome!

I got Transferred! (Again!) (Monday, Sept 5th)
   Soooo, I got transferred again.  I have had to pack my stuff to move for the last three transfers.  So far I have served completely in the Reno/Sparks area and now I am leaving to a little town called Yerington, south of Carson City.  It will be a big change for a lot of reasons.  For one, it is an english speaking area.  Two, I am finishing training a missionary.  Three, no Walmart :O  I will be with Elder Abbott.  I know I'm supposed to go to Yerington and that it will be awesome to learn and grow some more! 
   This week has been pretty good!  We had a great week teaching and working in unity.  We had a lot of lessons where the spirit was really strong!  We had one lesson with a returning member family.  The daughter had come to church one week before and the mom was scared to come to a church because she wasn't sure what she believed in.  We taught the plan of salvation and talked a lot about testimony.  I think what made that lesson so great was that we transitioned well and relied a lot more on the scriptures!  
   Other than that, we have had a lot a service.  We helped a less active family move their stuff to a storage unit and that was good.  We also shoveled three truck loads of stone into our investigators yard for 5 hours.  That was pretty intense.  The biggest miracle of this week, I think,
A kind member texted us this picture Monday night- Elder Jarnagin's final night in Reno
On splits this week!
was that although not many came to church, we did have 3 investigators there who have never attended church!

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