Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Practicing his 'old man' skills with the largest book he's ever seen.  ;)

This week definitely had some highs and lows.  We have had a lot of appointments cancel.  It happens sometimes, but it is still a bit sad when it happens.  We did see some success with a returning less active, Brother Co, this week!  We had two visits with him where we read chapters from the book of Ether.  For one lesson we brought his home teacher who bore a powerful testimony that it is possible to keep all the commandments. Brother Co ended up coming to church this week!  
   We had a wonderful day Wednesday!  We didn't have a dinner that day, so we called up a less active part member family out in Smith Valley who is always willing to feed us.  We spent the evening out there trying to contact people from the ward list we didn't know.  We found a lot of people who weren't interested in coming back, but we did find the Funk family.  We talked to Sister Funk before dinner and she invited us in, but Brother Funk wasn't there so we asked if we could come back at 7.  We returned and talked to the whole family.  We found out that Brother Funk was the only member, but the rest of the family was interested!  Sister Funk especially said she needed religion in her life again!  We are so excited to go back and see them this week!!  Other that that the week was pretty normal!
A little Thrift Shopping...
Elder Abbott with a thrift store beauty!

Swimming anyone???
Night biking...
Elder Jarnagin said this was the 'Lake of Doom'-

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