Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A side note from Mom

It's an amazing experience to watch your children grow and mature!  When they make discoveries on their own, they are so powerful.  This small exchange left me feeling proud and honored of the man Elder (Brayden) Jarnagin is becoming-

Question from Dad-
I have a different question for you, and need your input.  I’m struggling with how to help youth with technology.  Devices are great for so many things.  Many of us wonder if they can also be an inhibitor for communication or social skills.  We feel many youth are too used to communicating through a screen, and not with their mouths, in a face-to-face environment.  I’ve also been studying the impacts of lack of devices on newly-called missionaries.  Many have anxiety because they aren’t used to being without their devices. 

Elder Jarnagin's response-
As for technology, I think nothing will really stop misuse of technology (bad sites, too much, lack of real communication, etc) except diligence.  I say that because I have been studying it for a training we are giving in Zone conference tomorrow.  Diligence for me is a good balance of good things. We have time to plan and to teach here, both are needed, but we need diligence to use them and our time effectively.  All of it starts with desire.  If we desire to good we will do it.  Honestly, it was different to adjust to life without a device for me too, to take all those connections and rip them all out is hard.  I think as I have come to value the influence and the connection of the Spirit, the desires to have connections to a device have stopped for me.  I think maybe youth don't fully understand the Spirit or how valuable it and human interaction is.  When they understand that, naturally I think their desires will change for the better! 

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