Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nachos! from Sept 12

Elder Jarnagin said, "Don't worry Mom, I already got my hair cut!"  With his Zone in Sparks before getting transferred.
   This week has been pretty miraculous!  We have not had as much time as we wanted to go out and talk to people as we would have liked, because Elder Abbott wasn't feeling to well at the beginning of the week and we spent a ton of time going through weekly planning.  I am quickly coming to learn and understand the area better!  I see why it is important to have a Spanish Elder down here!  There are a lot of Hispanic folks down here.  It is interesting how they are much quicker to say not interested than those in Sparks.  It is kind of nice because we spend less time teaching not interested people. 
   We have taught Nacho this week. He is so awesome, he is a hard working man that is lonely because all of his family is in Mexico and he spends 6 months here and 6 months there. He has been very kind to us and very receptive to the message and now we are going to teach him the Gospel and English! 
   Other than that, we have been able to get in with a lot of different less active families, including one that we didn't know were less actives. There are a lot of teaching situations that are different here, people with different backgrounds and lives. We have seen a lot of significant miracles this week the most surprising to me was a street contact we had the other day. We said hi to a lady and she seemed in a rush so we asked her if she knew anyone that needed a message of prayer. She turned around and commented on how important prayer is. She asked us what church we were from and as I said the churches name she said "Mormons?!"  She then proceeded to say how she wanted to come and try our church because our focus on the family was important to her and she wanted to stop smoking.  She seemed super excited when we left!

Elder Abbott, who has only been out on his mission 6 weeks.  Elder Jarnagin's new companion.

Deep Thoughts... with Elder Abbott

Shrimpy, the water dispenser...

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