Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Miracles! from Sept 19

   This week has been pretty miraculous!   Monday we had a full day, all three hours of proselyting were filled and none of our lessons fell through!   We started to teach Nacho English.  We met with the Sanford family and they are awesome!  They love to read the Book of Mormon as a couple and are really progressing!  Going up to Fallon two times this week was an interesting experience!  Elder Abbott and I got to have some bonding car rides which was cool!  
   On Wednesday, we met the Redman family, a part member less active family, that had just lost a very close friend.  We were able to be there for them and teach a little bit about the afterlife which seemed to help them a lot! We were also able to meet with Leslie, a recent convert three times this week!  We covered the first three lessons to see what she knows and she sure knows her stuff! We also met with the Sanford family on Thursday again.  Brother Sanford had read the tithing pamphlet we left him and didn't agree with some parts, but during the lesson we were able to use the scriptures and follow the Spirit in order to help him understand the principle!  It was a great lesson! 
   Exchanges with Elder Bentti were fun too!  Elder Bentti is our district leader.  We served around each other in the beginning of my mission.  It was great to see him again and see how he has changed!  I also learned a lot from him about teaching in uncomfortable situations!  We were teaching a man who got off topic a lot with stories, but Elder Bentti was able to follow the Spirit and bring the lesson back. 
   We saw a lot of miracles! Two that stick out are- we went to visit our investigator with a date and he wasn't there, but his son was!  We had a good conversation and he had a ton of questions about us and our religion!  We look forward to following up with him!  We also were trying to visit an investigator that day who wasn't home. As we went to get into the car, someone flagged us down, introduced himself as Brother Shepard, a less active that wants to meet with us and come back to church! So awesome! 

Polar Bear Bentti- when he wasn't feeling good.

Poor dog with a huge lump!

Obsidian (or burned) brownies (blackies)

Weirdest Thrift store find ever!

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